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A Haunting in Parma

Posted by AlienCG on August 17, 2008

Thanks to Renee’s August 11th Post, I was inspired to post my first “Planet Flashback” on a similar subject.  Just let all of you know, Planet Flashback will be a recurring feature where I recount my favorite posts from Alien’s Planet.  This first one takes us back to my house hunt in early 2006 when I went to look at the most peculiar house.

March 3, 2006
6:17 PM
The Hunt Continues

I went to see one house last night, but it is worth mentioning. The first thing I noticed was that it did not fit into the neighborhood. While the rest of the houses on the street have about 40 feet of frontage, this one has about 80 feet. It has no backyard, and the fact that doesn’t have a garage is major black mark. I decided to continue on to see the inside, which is where the story gets interesting. It was unoccupied (so I thought), so it was also empty. I noticed that it had two front doors, which is quite redundant for a single family home (I think it was converted double). All the walls were wood-paneled and painted, but the paneling wasn’t put on that well, corners weren’t straight and there were gaps. My realtor mentioned that it could be covering something up (I figured later that it could have been a fire). We walked upstairs and almost immediately an eerie feeling fell over me, almost like I shouldn’t be there. I wouldn’t have been surprised if one of the rooms filled up with flies and told me to get out. It was the strangest thing. I honestly felt that this house was haunted. It’s not the fact that the house was haunted, but that this ghost would be freeloading off of me. Listen, I don’t care how long he, she or it may have been dead, the rent still needs to be paid. Suffice it to say, I am not buying that house. I will keep looking.

Needless to say, this was not the house I ended up buying. I do want to go see it again one day and see if my feelings were correct.  I still remember the creeped out feeling I got from that house.  I hope you enjoyed this look back in time as much as I did.


6 Responses to “A Haunting in Parma”

  1. evilesb138 said

    I remember this tale of house-hunting(haunting). There was a stretch back when you were looking that seemed like you would never find a domecile.

  2. babybull40 said

    I’m glad it wasn’t the house you bought.. That is very creepy indeed.. Have you gone back since you bought the house you are in?

  3. churlita said

    I don’t mess with scary haunted houses. I’m not sure if there are real ghosts or not, but I don’t want to risk it either.

  4. Renee said

    Ah cool, I’m glad my haunted post inspired you to go back in time. That eerie feeling definitely sounds like a big red flag (they always say to trust your intuition) & I’m very glad as well you didn’t purchase that house! Creepyyyyyyyyy!!! Kind of off the subject (but haunted related) when I was little and went to Punderson State Park and had dinner in the Manor House, of course *as always* I had to use the bathroom after I ate. I remember having the chills when I walked in there, and this really creepy feeling came over me. I was all alone in a several stall bathroom and when I went to wash my hands, I heard a whistling sound coming from the vents – but recall no air or heat was on when I placed my hand by there. When I left, I told my father how that bathroom seemed scary but he didn’t know what to say. Several years later when I read and heard more about haunted locations in Ohio, one of the big ones was PUNDERSON STATE PARK!!!! I don’t think I would have the guts to use their bathroom again.

  5. Tara said

    Good story! I remember you mentioning the feeling you got from that house.

    My mom used to set up at an antique store in Lakewood, Ohio. I didn’t like the place, it felt creepy, especially the basement. It was furnished and covered in drywall and stuff, but I felt like I would bump into something around the corner. I should probably visit that shop with a camera one of these days to see what pops up. I think the shop is still open.

  6. laura b. said

    Yikes, sounds like you were smart to trust your instincts on that one! If nothing else, I bet the ghost of poor construction was lurking around…

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