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I Got Tagged

Posted by AlienCG on August 25, 2008

I know it sounds like I should wait until Tuesday before I post this, but it’s not that kind of tagged.  Churlita did not come up and spray me with Krylon flat black or anything, she just told me that I have to pick the next word for the Saturday Scavenger Hunt.  So, what’s a good word?  Hold on, I’m thinking.

I remember way, way, way back when Evil-E first thought of this little idea he stated an example word.  It seemed to me at the time to be a good word, but it was never used…until now.  If you didn’t bother to read the post or did and couldn’t find it, this week’s word is…


Have fun.


10 Responses to “I Got Tagged”

  1. evilesb138 said

    blue it shall be…..I actually almost used it instead of black a couple of weeks ago….

  2. Tara said

    Good word, I’ll get right to it!

  3. k_sra said

    yay! Blue! : )

  4. babybull40 said

    That will be a challenge but a very good word nonetheless..Look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.. This will be my 5th straight week of scavenger hunt..

  5. Renee said

    Blue is one of my favorite colors! Good choice in words!

  6. AlienCG said

    OK, nobody mentioned the one obvious flaw in this post. Of course, I think this is the first time I recall anybody literally cheering for the word, K_Sra.

  7. Manuel said

    Blue…got it!

  8. k_sra said

    E.T.-CG, blue is my favorite reflection of light from any surface or filter through any gaseous environment, so of course I’m cheering it on. : )

    What’s the flaw of the post? *goes to check*

    I don’t know how it’s flawed…

  9. AlienCG said

    I was waiting for somebody to mention that I type the word BLUE in the color red.

  10. babybull40 said

    Duh… I just noticed now.. lol veryy funny.. are we a brilliant bunch?

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