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All’s Well That’s Orwell

Posted by AlienCG on August 26, 2008

Last year, I read George Orwell’s 1984.  At one point in the book, Winston Smith (the main character who works at the Ministry of Truth) gets a memo that reports that the chocolate ration has been reduced to 15% from 20%.  It is his job to spin it into something positive for the people of Oceania.  He decides to revise history and report that the chocolate ration has been increased to 15%.  Upon hearing this news at lunch, one of Winston’s acquaintances let out a raucous cheer.

Why am I bringing this up now?  I had to catch a flight a this morning with US Airways.  I last flew in mid-June and I was only charged $25 for my second bag, this time it cost $40 to check my bags ($15 for the first, $25 for the second).  The thing that caught my attention and reminded me of the above Orwell scene was a simple 8½ x 11 sign sitting on the gate counter.  It simply said, “Enjoy your favorite Coca-Cola products on this flight…From $2.00”  It didn’t say that they were now charging for beverages or that it was due to increasing operating expenses.  They gave it the impression that either they are now serving beverages or they’ve lowered the price.  Maybe I was just overthinking it or just frustrated with sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes.  Have a good evening.


6 Responses to “All’s Well That’s Orwell”

  1. evilesb138 said

    we are so there and beyond now….
    Hope you enjoyed that 2.00 Coke

  2. babybull40 said

    Getting overcharged for extra baggage I can see happening. even though its costly to you… But 2.00 bucks for a coke.. Glad I don’t drink it.. I’ll take water on with me.. Or is that not allowed these days?

  3. AlienCG said

    Evil-E: I did not have any beverage on the plane. I felt that after being held on the ground for so long, they owed us a freebie. Of course, they didn’t offer.

    babybull: For now you’re still allowed to take your own beverage on the plane. The worst part is, they only give you the 6 oz. cup, not even the whole can. By the way, alcohol is up to $7 on flights.

  4. churlita said

    It’s weird the kinds of comparisons you can make from life now to 1984. I haven’t flown in over 20 years, and I bet it’s way more frustrating now…Not to mention crazy expensive.

  5. Tara said

    Next they’ll have a sign that reads, “Enjoy breathing during your flight for a minimum fee of 4.95/hr.!”

  6. Manuel said

    $2.00 coke and probably another $1.00 for cup with ice.

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