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Made it Home

Posted by AlienCG on August 28, 2008

I had a 35 minute layover in Philadelphia on Tuesday and, of course, my flight was late leaving Cleveland.  I did make it to Philadelphia on time and got to Minneapolis on time.  Fast forward to today.  I had a 2½ hour layover in Philadelphia and, of course, the flight out of Minneapolis was perfectly on time.  My flight from Philly to Cleveland came in late.  So, I’m back at home, I’m tired and I managed to catch a cold in Wisconsin.  So, that’s all I got to say for tonight, but I did manage to get in a post for today.


5 Responses to “Made it Home”

  1. evilesb138 said

    Welcome back….have fun with that exotic disease from Wisconsin.

  2. babybull40 said

    Welcome home.. Sorry about the cold.. That always sucks.. rest up for the weekend..

  3. dmarks said

    I am sure Cleveland will thank you once the population is ravaged by the “Janesville Jive” or whatever this new plague from Wisconsin comes to be called.

    Next time, bring back exotic cheese, not disease.

  4. churlita said

    Did you get any cheese curds while you were there? Next time you’ll have to get some immunizations before you head back.

  5. Manuel said

    Welcome home….at least you felt well enough to give us an update. Get better soon.

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