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Trivial Tuesday

Posted by AlienCG on September 2, 2008

Before I get to the question, I just found out that we are, “In a world without Don LaFontaine.”  He died yesterday of complications of an ongoing illness.  He was 68 years old.  Movie trailers will never be the same.

Tonight is a very special episode of Trivial Tuesday.  I am going to see how much all of you can guess about me.  I will give you several statements about me and you must guess whether each one is truth or myth.  It’s simple.  Or is it?  (None of these are intended to be trick questions, in other words, I didn’t change one word in what I really believe to make a statement false.)

  1. I believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the galaxy.
  2. I believe that aliens look like the big, bug-eyed, frail creatures as they are depicted.
  3. I believe that what crashed at Roswell was an alien spacecraft.
  4. I believe that that the moon landing was real.
  5. I believe that the pyramids were built by aliens.

There ya go, truth or myth?  I will reveal the answers when I get enough guesses.


6 Responses to “Trivial Tuesday”

  1. churlita said

    Oh, this might be kind of tough. I’ll give it my best though:

    1, truth
    2. myth
    3. truth
    4. myth
    5. truth

  2. laura b. said

    Hi Alien! I guess you’d have the inside scoop on all of this. I am guessing…

    1. Truth
    2. Myth
    3. Myth
    4. Truth
    5. Myth

    Can’t wait to find out the truth!

  3. evilesb138 said

    1. True
    2. Myth
    3. True
    4. True
    5. Myth

  4. Tara said


    1. True
    2. Myth
    3. True
    4. Myth
    5. True

  5. babybull40 said

    1. Truth
    2. Truth
    5. Truth

  6. AlienCG said

    Other visitors are welcome to keep guessing. I will say that somebody has a perfect answer, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for my answers. I hope that truth will not disillusion anybody. The truth may shock you.

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