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Trivial Tuesday

Posted by AlienCG on September 9, 2008

This week I am going to start a new idea with Trivial Tuesday.  Whoever gets the correct answer will get to choose the category for the next week.  This allows for a little interactivity as well as a chance for a link.  We start this week where I will name the category:

Supernatural Phenomenon

The Question:

This mythical being, usually with sightings in the southwest and Latin American countries, translates from Spanish literally to “Goatsucker.”  What is it?

Good luck.  I am moderating comments, so make your guess and I will reveal the answers tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Trivial Tuesday”

  1. laura b. said

    Oh, dear lawd! One I have right on my brain! Chuppacabra!

  2. evilesb138 said

    chupacabra….that is all

  3. babybull40 said

    not quite sure if it’s a dog or some other mythical like creature..

  4. Tara said

    The Sasquatch?

  5. Renee said

    El Chupacabra – They look like aliens with spikes :)!

  6. AlienCG said

    I have three correct answers with Laura B., Evil-E and Renee. The answer, of course, is Chupacabra. As always, first one with the answer wins. Laura B. gets to choose the category keeping in mind that I still choose the question.

  7. churlita said

    Sweet. I missed it, but it will be fun to see what she picks and then what you pick.

  8. laura b. said

    Oh boy! Let me see…the category will be 1980’s pop culture. Let’s see what you can do with that, AlienCG.

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