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Swamp Things

Posted by AlienCG on September 26, 2008

So, it’s time for a memory download, which is my first since I signed up with WordPress.  This will only hurt a little.

  1. My site is now accessible through my domain name, aliencg.com.  You need not use it, but it’s there if you feel like using it.  Evil-E’s blog is also accessible through esb138.aliencg.com, but again, you need not use it.
  2. The first Presidential Debate is on tonight.  I’m not watching it.
  3. I have a trip coming up next week, but I don’t know where or when.  I’ll fill you in when I know something.
  4. The weather has been a lot cooler at night, so I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.
  5. I have the tiller at my house so I can start working for next year’s garden.  This is very important.
  6. I just realized that this post keeps my streak going.
  7. I am now at the 26 week mark.  It has been 6 months since I quit smoking and I feel good.

Thanks for letting me download.  I’ll have my ONE pictures tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Swamp Things”

  1. babybull40 said

    I didn’t watch the debate either.. But I’m sure it was boring regardless.. That;s quite the download list.. I hope to get to post for tomorrow’s hunt..

  2. Tara said

    Congratulations on your six-month non smoking streak! Keep it going!

  3. churlita said

    Good job on the not smoking. I know how hard that is for people.

  4. laura b. said

    Congratulations Alien! You are all awesome and stuff.

    Where in the world is AlienCG? Somewhere that starts with an M?

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