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Giving Thanks This Week

Posted by AlienCG on November 24, 2008

Because this is the week of Thanksgiving, I am going to dedicate this week to the holiday.  Today I will give thanks for technology of all types.  I’m thankful for my basement, which I posted a photo on Saturday.  There’s plenty of new technology down there.  Of course, I have to pay homage to the technology of the previous century that helped to lower the price on many goods that make our lives easier.  The Henry Ford assembly line that helped to make cars not just achievable for the rich.  The radio helped to entertain us and would lead to the TV which would then become larger and lighter.  The VCR would lead to the DVD which would end up in a battle for HD supremacy between HD-DVD and BluRay.  The phonograph would lead to the wax record which would lead to the modern vinyl album which would lead to the casette and 8-Track, which would lead to the CD which would ultimately lead to the MP3.

I am very thankful for the old technology because without it we wouldn’t have anything new.  Tomorrow, we have a Thanksgiving-themed trivia question thanks to Churlita.


5 Responses to “Giving Thanks This Week”

  1. k_sra said

    Speaking of giving thanks, I got magically tagged again for next week’s Scavenger Hunt Word, so I’m picking a no-brainer for this weekend: GRATITUDE. Capture gratitude on film in anyway you can. Have a GREAT holiday!

  2. churlita said

    I love technology too. I just wish I had better tech skills.

  3. laura b. said

    It is all about starting somewhere and then growing. Thank you, Great Minds of Technology!

  4. Manuel said

    I’m very thankful for HDTV and Blu-Ray. Love ’em!

    I’m back…

  5. babybull40 said

    yes quite Thankful for all technology…we would be a much different world without all of it…Happy Thanksgiving!

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