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With Much Gratitude

Posted by AlienCG on November 30, 2008

First off, a motion carried over at Judge K_Srasra’s Blog that requested I pick up the slack left by my prodigal brother and post the official list of Saturday Scavenger Hunt words.  I one-upped her and posted two lists (I could have fit a third list had it not been for a certain word)…and here they are.  Two lists for the price of one.  By the way, I seconded the motion and it carried.

I have also added this week’s word, WINDOW, to the list.

This week’s word, GRATITUDE, was given to us by K_Srasra (she also tagged me for this week’s word as seen above).  Gratitude, a word befitting this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  So what do I have to show GRATITUDE for?

WAIT!  Let me explain.  I express my gratitude to all of my fellow bloggers (yes, including Evil-E) and hope that this placeholder can be replaced with photos of me with my fellow bloggers.  Yes, there is one photo so far, but Evil-E is in possession of it somewhere on his blog.  It’s the picture of Tara and I on the bus coming back from the Ghost Hunt at Mansfield.  Thanks to all of you for keeping online for all these years.  Remember, next week’s word is WINDOWS.


5 Responses to “With Much Gratitude”

  1. Tara said

    Oh yeah, what happened to that photo? Evil-E has it for ransom or something? Tsk.

    I’m grateful for all of my blogging friends too. You all help keep me insane. 🙂

  2. laura b. said

    That is so sweet! Do you really want us to send you our pictures?

  3. churlita said

    Great idea. Where is that darn Evil-E anyway?

  4. k_sra said

    Aw, it’s nice to be appreciatated for about which with of. : )

    I appreciate you, too, Alien!

    And thanks for so manfully taking the scavenger reins. You Da Man!

  5. NoRegrets said

    Whew, glad I found the word. Not sure you appreciate me, since I’m so new, but thanks anyway!

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