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A Fool and His Money

Posted by AlienCG on December 1, 2008

Better late than never is what I’m saying today.  I didn’t do my flashback post yesterday, so I’m doing it now.  This was something I wrote while writing for The Game Board 5 years ago today and it is a poem.

A Fool and His Money

by: AlienCG
December 1, 2003Welcome to the season of happiness and joy
Where every child dreams of getting that new toy
The malls are too crowded to get in to shop
The easy way is on the web, so in there our cash we’ll drop

We went to B&N and Amazon.com
Neither site had it, our plan would soon bomb
Here’s a site that looks quite good, but I never heard it’s name
But they have the toy we’re looking for, it’s really all the same

Enter in the credit card and my money they did take
Six weeks later, still no gift, this really takes the cake
I got my bill and lo and behold charges have racked up
A set of clubs, a diamond ring and a Star Wars collector cup

A few computers, a Rolex watch and a real mink stole
A leather coat, a CD player and a even a garden troll
Some fine cigars, baseball cards and a hockey stick
A brand new truck to drive around, what an awful trick

They bought this stuff on my card just the other day
I owe ten thousand dollars and I now I have to pay
My life is ruined, my credit shot, what am I going to do
I called the cops, they couldn’t help, the guy was in Peru

I got scammed, it’s too late now, for me but not for you
You have a chance to stop it now before you’re in my boat too
Don’t give out your info to anyone, without first checking well
If you don’t follow my advice you will wind up in hell

So this ends my story, of tales sad, but true
It may happen, it may not, the choice is up to you
For this to happen to anyone it seems a kick in the ass
Don’t let it happen and you’ll have a Merry Christmas

Hard to believe that this post is 5 years old.  I feel like I just wrote it yesterday.  Next week I will be moving up one year to 2004 and after that I will be posting an all-time favorite.


3 Responses to “A Fool and His Money”

  1. babybull40 said

    That is an awesome poem.. I never give out info over the net just for that reason.. You never know who is lurking behind…

  2. laura b. said

    Awesome poetry…and with a message! I love it, Alien.

  3. churlita said

    Wow. That was great…The poem, not the bad experience.

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