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Keeping Positive While Going Negative

Posted by AlienCG on December 2, 2008

So the news is official, we are in a recession since last December.  It hit me yesterday, but not as badly as it could have.  We were told at work that we were being cut back to 36 hours per week which isn’t the worst thing at the moment.  I will be working half a day on Fridays, unless I’m on the road.  Luckily, I paid my car off last month, so I am ahead.  I’m trying to keep a positive outlook and I hope the current situation ends quickly.

I am on the road for a few days starting today.  I’m going to the beautiful, tropical state of…Minnesota.  What?  You thought I was really going to someplace warm?  The only time I go to warm weather destinations is in the middle of August.  I’ll be gone until Thursday afternoon, but I will be online as always.


7 Responses to “Keeping Positive While Going Negative”

  1. none said

    Better than being cut to 0 hours. That is what I am in now. Where are you going in Minn.? Wherever it is, I might have an antique postcard of it.

  2. AlienCG said

    I figured it was you, dmarks (the antique postcard part was the kicker). I’ll be in Windom, MN tonight and back in Minneapolis tomorrow night after work for my flight on Thursday.

  3. laura b. said

    It seems positive that your company is taking a conservative approach to saving a bit of money. I feel certain it will work out fine.

    Travel safely and stay warm, Alien.

  4. churlita said

    I hope all these economic woes blow over fast. We’re all starting to feel it.

  5. Tara said

    Half days off on Fridays will probably be very welcoming at the end of long weeks. I have a half day tomorrow and can’t wait.

  6. NoRegrets said

    So sorry. But you are right, at least it’s not horrible.

  7. dmarks said

    I did not sign in the right way. I have no cards of Windom 🙂

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