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Shuffling Through My Day

Posted by AlienCG on December 11, 2008

I just got my first real iPod (16GB Nano) yesterday and it is already loaded up. I decided that since I did not post any type of list yesterday I will entertain you with what comes up in shuffle. I will be adding to the this list throughout my day.

  1. Spoonful by Cream
  2. Trust (Live) by The Cure
  3. Crash into Me by Dave Matthews Band
  4. 9-9 by REM
  5. String of Pearls by Soul Asylum
  6. A Night Like This (Live) by The Cure
  7. Learn to Fly by The Foo Fighters
  8. Midnight Flyer by The Eagles
  9. Who Are You by Pearl Jam
  10. Sheep by Pink Floyd
  11. We Are 138 by The Misfits
  12. Trip Through Your Wires by U2
  13. Upstarts and Broken Hearts by The Dropkick Murphys
  14. In Between Days (Live) by The Cure
  15. Caralho Voador by Faith No More
  16. Subliminal by Suicidal Tendencies
  17. This is the Day by The Cranberries
  18. Signs of Life by Pink Floyd
  19. Oh, Me by Nirvana
  20. Six Pack Girls by NOFX
  21. Bandwagon by REM
  22. Gone by The Cure
  23. So Outta Line by The Goo Goo Dolls
  24. Falling for the First Time by Barenaked Ladies
  25. Destiny by Stevie Nicks
  26. Something’s Got a Hold on Me by Etta James
  27. How Stupid Mr. Bates by The Police
  28. Postmortem (Live) by Slayer
  29. The Gang’s All Here (Live) by The Dropkick Murphys
  30. Hey, Johnny Park! by The Foo Fighters
  31. Axiom by Rancid
  32. Free Four by Pink Floyd
  33. Virus by Iron Maiden
  34. Nothin’ by Reel Big Fish
  35. My One Desire by The Stray Cats
  36. Radio Clash by The Clash
  37. I Have the Touch by Peter Gabriel
  38. Jump in the Fire by Metallica
  39. Contact in Red Square by Blondie
  40. Alternative Girlfriend by Barenaked Ladies
  41. Disturbance at the Heron House (Live) by REM
  42. Don’t Need No Horse by Little Walter
  43. Firehouse by Kiss
  44. My Lover’s Box by Garbage
  45. Sweet Pain by Kiss
  46. Welcome to the Occupation by REM
  47. Blue Light by Mazzy Star
  48. Truckin’ Little Woman by Willie Nix
  49. My Babe by Little Walter
  50. Channel Z by The B-52’s
  51. Somebody Hates Me by Reel Big Fish
  52. Wiggle Stick by Reverend Horton Heat
  53. I Remember California by REM
  54. Love Alive by Heart
  55. The Lifting by REM
  56. A Sea to Suffer In by My Dying Bride
  57. Girls by The Beastie Boys
  58. Piece by Piece by Slayer
  59. Doing the Unstuck (Live) by The Cure
  60. Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton
  61. Altered State by Sepultura
  62. Near Wild Heaven by REM
  63. I Didn’t Want to Need You by Heart
  64. Evenflow by Pearl Jam
  65. Crazy by Barenaked Ladies
  66. Wang Dang Doodle by Koko Taylor
  67. Man of the Hour by Pearl Jam
  68. Barroom Hero by The Dropkick Murphys
  69. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? by REM
  70. Streets of Laredo by Johnny Cash
  71. The Hardest Part by Blondie
  72. Spit by Kiss
  73. I Can’t Stand Losing You by The Police
  74. Bath-Water Blues by Reverend Horton Heat
  75. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen
  76. County Fair by Joe Walsh
  77. She’s Nubs by NOFX
  78. Somebody Stand By Me by Stevie Nicks
  79. Words I Might Have Ate by Green Day
  80. Shake for Me by John Hammond, Jr.
  81. The Bottle by Rancid
  82. Forever (Live) by The Dropkick Murphys
  83. Let’s Have a Party by Wanda Jackson
  84. Dumb by Garbage
  85. Cadence to Arms by The Dropkick Murphys
  86. Dedication by The Beastie Boys
  87. I Don’t Want You Now by KT Tunstall
  88. Gambler’s Blues by Otis Rush
  89. Arabian Disco by Faith No More
  90. I Did It by Dave Matthews Band
  91. Bales of Cocaine by Reverend Horton Heat
  92. Ant Attack by NOFX
  93. Killer is Me by Alice in Chains
  94. Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine
  95. Iris by Live
  96. Crack Hitler by Faith No More

    It’s starting to get long, but I have yet to get bored with the selections.  It’s almost the end of my day here, but I will post the last few songs when I get home.  I hope you enjoyed this look at what entertains me through the day.  By the way, can you guess the color of my new iPod?

    A lot of the songs, like Otis Rush and Koko Taylor come from a couple blues compilations that I bought a while ago and others come from a 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll set.  That is the complete list from today and I hope you enjoyed this look into my world.


    6 Responses to “Shuffling Through My Day”

    1. churlita said

      Etta James is dangerously close to Slayer. I love that about the iTunes shuffle.

    2. Manuel said

      Ipod color…I am going with Blue.

      I have to say that in looking at that list, we do not have a lot of the same songs on our Ipods!

    3. laura b. said

      You have some great tunes! I love what a wide variety of stuff you have on there. It’s nice to get a peek into the musical life of an Alien.

      Is your iPod black?

    4. Tara said

      That’s a great selection of artists!

    5. babybull40 said

      Awesome list.. I think your new toy is black..

    6. AlienCG said

      Nobody has guessed right on the color of Alien’s iPod.

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