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Tuesday the 24th

Posted by AlienCG on February 6, 2009

It’s coming, this amazingly unlucky day on the calendar.  What worse?  We have Tuesday the 24th coming two months in a row.  Hide under the bed, don’t leave the house, watch out for black cats, all will break loose!

Sound silly?  Well, Tuesday the 24th is not really unlucky, but it does occur in the same month as Friday the 13th.  Actually, every day/date combination occurs as often as any other (except with the 31st).  I’ve known many superstitious people and they all swear that Friday the 13th is a truly unlucky day.  Why?  It happens every year at different times, it’s not random, the occurences of any day/date combination can be calculated.

So, with that said and with a Thursday the 19th coming up, are you superstitious about Friday the 13th?  Are you superstitious about anything?


4 Responses to “Tuesday the 24th”

  1. churlita said

    I’m not super superstitious. I’ve never known any to come true. I’ve never sent a chain mail email thing off and I’m still here, even though that should have killed me a hundred times over.

  2. Manuel said

    As a big fan of horror, I LOVE Friday the 13th!!!

  3. laura b. said

    I don’t think I have any genuine superstitions. I do like to knock on wood when I am feeling good about something so as not to jinx it. “It’s been pretty quiet on the desk today.” is followed by *tap tap tap* on the side of the desk. It might be more habit or peer pressure than superstition 🙂

  4. Tara said

    Nope, not really superstitious at all. I graduated from college on a Friday the 13th and we had beautiful weather and nothing supernatural or horrible happened (that I know of) during the ceremony. I still think it’s cool with the 13th day of a month lands on a Friday. I figure it’s a good time to watch horror movies.

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