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We Need Howard…

Posted by AlienCG on February 20, 2009

…Beale (Network, 1976), that is.  We need somebody to bring forth our anger and frustration that the current times are causing us.  Unfortunately, it appears that people or more concerned with feeling sorry for themselves than anything else.  WAKE UP!  GET MAD!  Politicians don’t listen to empathy, they listen to anger, rage and votes against them.  To quote the fictional news anchor, “Stand up, go to the window, stick your head out and yell, ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!'”  We need to get mad, we need that fire that makes America so great.  I was talking to Evil-E on Sunday and he asked where our national pride went.  Did we sell that off like we did manufacturing to China or Customer Service to India?  Who did we sell out our spirit to?

We need to recapture our spirit and let it out for the world to see.  Because frankly, I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

OK, I’m ending my rant now, but this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me.


4 Responses to “We Need Howard…”

  1. churlita said

    I don’t know how the hell we’re ever gonna get out of this one. We’ve done it before, so I know it’s possible. I just don’t know what it would take.

  2. laura b. said

    As voters, the theory is that we have the power to change things. Instead, in this country, we tend to cower before the government. I’ve always found it puzzling and frustrating.
    I’m glad that isn’t the last we’ll hear from you on this.

  3. babybull40 said

    It seems to be the a thing of the past.. we too have no spirit and although I am proud to be Canadian.. I’m not proud of many things that have taken place..

  4. Tara said

    This is gonna sound terribly off, but when I read your title, the first Howard I thought of was Howard the Duck. I’m loosing it!

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