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The Last Word in Trivia

Posted by AlienCG on March 9, 2009

OK, I said I would post them last Friday, but I didn’t do so thinking I may get a few more entries.  I didn’t get anymore and nobody scored 100%.  Laura B. did get the most correct with 6 (it must be the fact that she works in a library).  So, for those of you interested, here are the answers:

A dying man can do nothing easy. A. Benjamin Franklin
Damn it . . . Don’t you dare ask God to help me. F. Joan Crawford
Friends applaud, the comedy is finished. G. Ludwig van Beethoven
How were the receipts today at Madison Square Garden? H. P. T. Barnum
I am not the least afraid to die. B. Charles Darwin
I have a terrific headache. D. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis. E. Humphrey Bogart
I’m bored with it all. J. Winston Churchill
Lord help my poor soul. C. Edgar Allan Poe
Put out the light I. Theodore Roosevelt

Congratulations, Laura B., you win 100,000 shares of Lehman Brothers stock and a Snuggie.  The post before this one is my Saturday Scavenger Hunt which I posted yesterday and the next post will be coming a little later.


4 Responses to “The Last Word in Trivia”

  1. Tara said

    I’m glad I got the Joan Crawford quote right. I can hear her saying that kind of thing.

  2. laura b. said

    Yay! I guess 60% on guesses is not too bad! That was a very interesting Tuesday Trivia, Alien.
    I guess I will be forced to live in that Snuggie after I try to sell my Lehman Brothers stock….

  3. churlita said

    Good for Laura B. She is the holder of much knowledge.

  4. coffee said

    instead of a “Snuggie” i prefer to call mine a “Power Blanket”

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