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Trivial Tuesday

Posted by AlienCG on March 17, 2009

This week’s question comes courtesy of my garden.  Yes, I managed to come up with a gardening trivia question for this week.

I am growing Cilantro in my garden again this year, but it has an added benefit.  When allowed to sprout seeds and those seeds are dried, it becomes a spice.  What spice is it?

I think this one is pretty easy so it’ll be answered fairly quickly.  I hope you’re enjoying the garden party.


6 Responses to “Trivial Tuesday”

  1. laura b. said

    Long relegated to your basic salt and pepper, my spice mind has atrophied to the point that it no longer recognizes anything more exotic. “What is that?!?!” I might cry in horror or delight when presented with this cilantro based spice during the course of an otherwise ordinary meal.

  2. NoRegrets said


  3. babybull40 said

    Cilantro is like a Parsley? so it would be Corriander

  4. churlita said

    I knew the answer this time too.

  5. AlienCG said

    NoRegrets got the answer first. Yes, coriander is cilantro seed. By the way, they taste nothing alike, but naturally compliment one another. Congrats, NoRegrets, good job.

  6. LiLu said

    I had no idea! And they DO taste nothing alike. Weird!

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