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A Question of Conscience

Posted by AlienCG on April 3, 2009

My mom and I went grocery shopping on Wednesday (big mistake going on the first of the month).  While we were there one of the employees was stocking up a soda display and dropped a 12-pack of soda and broke it.  My mom told me and also said that the kid said, “Shhhhhh—-,” without actually saying the word.  Mom did say that he cussed (she didn’t really care), but I asked if he actually said the word, shit.  No, he didn’t, but it was his intent to say that word.  I asked her if I stubbed my toe and simply said, “Ffffffff—,” does that constitute the f-word even though I didn’t actually say it.  She said, yes it does, because my original intent was say the f-word.  So, if it is merely intent and no actual cuss word is spoken, is it still considered cussing?  Please support your answer.


5 Responses to “A Question of Conscience”

  1. laura b. said

    The intent to cuss is there, but since there was also an element of self-control thrown in, my belief is that you are exonerated from the actual charge of cussing. Maybe you get off with a warning. 🙂

  2. k_sra said

    HAHAHA! I use substitutes for swear words when I need to make an exclamation like “SHIRT!” or “CHEESEANDCRACKERS!” On some days I feel that words are just words and wonder to myself who got to decide which ones were the big bad ones and why wasn’t I even asked what I thought. But on the flip side I realize that words have power and can cut and bruise and that words are not to be taken lightly as they have been known to shape whole destinies. I try not to swear so as not to cause offense to others and because I feel it darkens and sadens my soul to do so continuously. On the flip-side, I realize it is a bit victorian to expect every other person on the planet to conform to my expectations of verbal prudence.

  3. churlita said

    I’m the wrong person to ask because I swear like a truck driver. I do try to respect others, so I try very hard not to swear in public. You never know what people are going to find offensive.

    I think if you catch yourself, you should get a reprieve.

  4. NoRegrets said

    Hell no! It’s not damn cussing! Not sure how to support that, but really, if it’s not complete, it’s not a word.

  5. Tara said

    No, I’d say it doesn’t count as a swear word if it isn’t finished. That’s my two cents.

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