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Easter Greetings

Posted by AlienCG on April 12, 2009

Good morning and Happy Easter to all of my readers.  There is one thing I was thinking about, Christmas has many movies dedicated to it, including a couple horror movies.  Why aren’t there many movies, including horror movies, dedicated to Easter?  Also, nobody sings Easter carols anymore, either.  Oh well, I guess Easter is just one of those underappreciated holiidays.  Those are just my thoughts for today.  Have a Happy Easter.


3 Responses to “Easter Greetings”

  1. laura b. said

    I guess the closest thing we have is the giant bunny in Donnie Darko…and I guess strictly speaking that isn’t even horror. It’s kind of creepy though.
    Hope you had a very happy Easter.

  2. An Easter horror movie? Hmmm…interesting. Freddie with bunny ears? The children of the corn doing an Easter egg hunt?

  3. churlita said

    There was a 70’s horror movie about killer rabbits called The Night of the Leapists or something like that. It was pretty ridiculous, as one might expect.

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