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Trivial Tuesday

Posted by AlienCG on April 28, 2009

Since nobody got it last week, I am going to keep it going this week.  I think it partially got buried under the rest of my posts.  So, I am going to give the question, with the clue, all over again.

What is considered to be the first “Reality Television” program in the United States?

Clue #1:  This program aired during the early to mid-1970s.

I will add more clues if they’re needed.  No, it’s not Survivor.  Have a good evening.


6 Responses to “Trivial Tuesday”

  1. Manuel said

    I had no idea so I looked it up. Had never heard of it. Cool though…

  2. churlita said

    Is it that show about that family? I can’t remember the name of it, but I think the parents got divorced? Yeah, that probably doesn’t help, does it?

  3. AlienCG said

    Manuel: Thanks for your honesty and not giving the answer away.
    Churlita: You are red hot, now all I need is a name.

  4. dmarks said

    I found a much older one also.

  5. NoRegrets said

    No idea… doesn’t ring a bell.

  6. NoRegrets said

    How is the job hunt going btw?

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