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Trivial Tuesday, Genus Edition

Posted by AlienCG on June 23, 2009

Not really the Genus Edition, but it’s a great 80’s reference if you’ve ever played Trivial Pursuit.  So this week’s question is dealing with one of those “great” 80’s computer nerd movies.  I have a whole list of questions about this movie and it’s your job to answer all of them.

  1. What was the password to access the computer?
  2. Shall we play a game?  What game did play to start (exact name please)?
  3. What game was used to finally stop the computer?
  4. What was the four-letter name of the computer that was broken into?
  5. Where was the broken-into computer (the common name of the place)?
  6. What movie am I talking about?

There you go, an 80’s geek movie  Trivia Theme.  Good luck with it and I will see you all tomorrow with an entry in the Science Minds Countdown.  I know I said wouldn’t, but something came up that will fit.  Have a nice day.


8 Responses to “Trivial Tuesday, Genus Edition”

  1. 1.Joshua
    2.Falken’s Maze
    3.tic tac toe
    4. WOPR
    5. NORAD
    6.WAr Games

    Ha! I think I know something for a change. Hope I’m not wrong. I’ve seen this one about a bazillion times.

  2. AlienCG said

    Ananda Girl: #2 is wrong. I also have a little typo. It should read, Shall we play a game? What game did he (the main character) play to start (exact name please)? Sorry about that.

  3. Manuel said

    Damn, I knew these. 2 I am confused on though. Is it globalthermalnuclearwar. Is that what you want?

  4. Manuel said

    Or is it Global Thermonuclear War. Not sure on spelling…

  5. Manuel said

    By the way, don’t see the “sequel.” May be the worst movie I have ever seen.

  6. AlienCG said

    You got it, Manuel. I may do some more 80’s trivia throughout the week.

  7. This was fun! I actually knew something. I’m grinning now. thanks. Good job Manuel! I would not have gotten that part.

  8. I was recently playing Trivial Pursuit with some friends. One of them said, “No wonder we can’t answer these questions. It’s the genius version.”

    (I knew the movie, but couldn’t remember the rest of it – miz ananda put me to shame – which isn’t hard)

    As for the 80’s week – isn’t this still the 80’s?

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