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…and the Award Goes to…

Posted by AlienCG on June 29, 2009

Finally.  The sentence was finally handed down today and that money-hungry, greedy piece of shit, Bernie Madoff will spend the rest of his natural life in a medium security, non-country club prison.  The sentence he was given is 150 years and there is no parole in the Federal Prison System.  Also, because his sentence is so long, it does not give him the luxury of a minimum security facility.  So, good for you, Bernie, you greedy asshole, enjoy yourself, make new friends.

Why does it appear like I’ve gone off the deep end with this sentence?  Simple, it’s about damn time that somebody learns that greed is not good, that ripping off innocent people is wrong and there are penalties.  Yeah, Madoff stood up and apologized to his victims, his wife released a statement that she didn’t know what he was doing.  Sure.  Now that she knows, is she going to return the ill-gotten cash that she probably already spent?  Probably not.  This is a good decision, my hat’s off to the judge who handed down this stiff sentence.

Now this brings me to the presentation of a very prestigious award, to be given to somebody who truly deserves it.  Ladies and gentlemen, especially the new people, I am giving this award to the Ponzi schemer himself, Bernie “Inmate #1234567” Madoff.  You scammed many, many people into giving their hard-earned money to you to invest and help them get further ahead in life.  You took their money and kept it for yourself, making billions of dollars just to try to satisfy your own greed, but it wasn’t enough, you wanted more and more until you finally got caught.  I give this award to you because you’re a greedy asshole who screwed over good people, trusting people, people who are now broke or close to it.  I give to you the coveted (by me) Pyrite Moron Award.  I haven’t decided how you’re going to get it, so I will let my readers decide your punishment.  Here are the ways I could present it to him…

  1. I give it to one of his victims and let him try to hug each one in order to find it.  Whatever the victims do is up to them.
  2. Give it to his future cellmate who will, undoubtedly, know exactly what to do with it.
  3. Present it to him when he finally gets out of jail.

Please choose, and have some fun with it.  And Mr. Madoff, have fun in your new digs, I’m sure they’ll feel like a Manhattan penthouse in no time at all.  By the way, to the newcomers to my blog, the Pyrite Moron Award is the award that I created and hand out on occasion to stupid people in the news.  I try to find interesting and fitting ways to present it to the recipient, and it’s pyrite because no moron deserves gold.


4 Responses to “…and the Award Goes to…”

  1. laura b. said

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving of your coveted Pyrite Moron Award! Way to go, Bernie M., you foolish, selfish prick!

    I have given it some thought and I’d love to give his victims a go at him… I’m voting for choice #1

  2. I agree… Bernie the asshole deserves this award… and deserves to have it “given to him” repeatedly. Let’s let his new roomie present it… oh once for each of Bernie’s victims, their families and their friends who have suffered from Bernie’s abuse.

    Excellent aliencg! Bravo!

  3. Manuel said

    I like giving it to his future cellmate. Would love to see where he decides to put it! 🙂

  4. churlita said

    I vote for #2 as well. Really, I’m just really glad he’s getting it and will never be out of jail. A-hole.

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