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Gardening With the Alien, Week #16

Posted by AlienCG on June 29, 2009

Gardening With the Alien will focus mostly on the tomatoes for the rest of the season.  Pretty much, my garden will not be all that productive this year since I won’t have too many cucumbers at all, no jalapenos, probably no peppers, my spinach was a disaster and the herb garden is overgrown with weeds.  The only things of promise are the Chinese vegetables and the tomatoes.  So, here’s what I got this week…

The cherry tomatoes are growing very well.  If they keep growing at this rate, I am going to be overflowing with red, ripe goodness.

These are the Roma tomatoes.  They too are also doing quite well and I may end up overloaded with these as well. If you happen to be around the Cleveland area this summer, let me know and you could have some homegrown tomatoes.

I have decided that next year, I will only be growing tomatoes and maybe have my swimming pool herb garden (this time using the potting soil, peat moss, compost mix).  I will be trying my hardest to get the rest of the ground in shape for the following year, building up nutrients and trying to break down the clay.  I’ll get into that more as the season progresses.  Thanks for dropping by.


4 Responses to “Gardening With the Alien, Week #16”

  1. I like watching your garden grow. Those tomatoes make my mouth water. Too bad I am so far away. I’ll be interested in seeing how you amend your soil.

  2. laura b. said

    I’m sorry some of your crops have not had great success this year. However, I bet in a couple of years when you’ve got your soil straightened out you will be a gardening fool. And for now…tomatoes! Yum.

  3. churlita said

    Hey, nice tomatoes. Those are the most important veggies anyway.

  4. Seb said

    Congrats, those tomatoes look like they are coming along. I just successfully harvested a couple jalapenos, very happy. Also trying my hand at gypsy peppers, supposed to be pretty good and productive plants as well.

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