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Vaulted into the Lead

Posted by AlienCG on July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day and welcome to another exciting Saturday Scavenger Hunt.  This week, the Woman with No Regrets, NoRegrets, chose the word VAULT to confound and confuse us.  This week, my photo is a pretty lame attempt, I admit it.

This guy VAULTed out of an airplane just a few minutes earlier.  This was taken at an air show back in 2007 that my brother and I were at.  So that’s it, my thrilling VAULT photo.  I guess you could also say that this photo is from my VAULT.  Now it’s time to wait and see who NoRegrets tags for next week.


8 Responses to “Vaulted into the Lead”

  1. P A Knight said

    You may think the photo lame, but to me jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is the equivalent of standing in front of a moving train.

    Not gonna happen!

  2. Very cool photo! That’s one of those shots you dream about getting… cause the moment can pass so quickly and if there is any malfunction… you are out of luck because the moment passed. Nice capture.

    Happy Independence Day to you too, aliencg!

  3. dmarks said

    He’s hanging there kind of odd, like. Wonder if someone tied the parachute harness around his neck.

  4. laura b. said

    Lame? Silly Alien. This is a very striking picture of someone who has vaulted from a plane! Creativity points for you, buddy.

  5. I think it’s great! It’s a real picture that you didn’t get from google like truely lam-o me. And I like the double meaning – a picture of a vault from your vault of pictures. Nice work!

  6. NoRegrets said

    Seriously, it was a good idea….
    If Crazy4 is participating, then that’s who I choose.

  7. Tara said

    You went a different route, this is an interesting shot!

  8. churlita said

    I don’t think that’s lame at all. It’s a great photo and perfect take on the word.

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