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Gardening With the Alien, Week #17

Posted by AlienCG on July 6, 2009

Welcome to Week #17 in the garden and I have some newcomers to the party.  My decision to not grow anything but tomatoes and an herb garden next year still stands, my soil needs help badly.  This week, I want to look at the best growing section of my garden, the swimming pool with the Chinese veggies.

I did harvest some of these for an excellent stir fry and will probably do it again very soon.  They each have a very different taste and allow for excellent flavor.  Now let’s look at the newcomer…

My old boss brought me a couple basil plants.  The basil I tried to grow ended up getting choked out along with all of the other herbs.  The basil is a welcome addition to my garden.  There you have it for another week, enjoy the pictures.


8 Responses to “Gardening With the Alien, Week #17”

  1. Your garden is an inspiration. You might not think so, but my gardening efforts have been sad, sad, sad. Your Chinese veggie are fun to watch.

  2. Beautiful! The green against the blue pool makes me smile. And the stir fry makes me drool.

    The whole chlorophyl (sp?)/energy exchange thing is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. laura b. said

    Something about the way you shot your CV pool…it almost looks like a large pot…the scale is interesting, if you see what I mean. Anyway, it’s really quite lovely and I’m glad to hear they are tasty, too. And basil…mmmm….

  4. churlita said

    I love basil. I’m glad you got some going this year.

  5. Manuel said

    Basil rules. I make a sandwich with melted bleu cheese, roasted crushed walnuts, roast beef, and basil. It rules.

  6. Manuel – This is a creative and very tasty sounding sandwich. Are you a chef?

  7. Seb said

    Excellent! My mom just got a basil plant. I am trying to save her rosemary bush, it is in dire straits.

  8. speaking of basil – as of yet the deer have not touched the basil in my garden

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