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Nothin’ But Scrap Metal

Posted by AlienCG on July 11, 2009

Another newcomer to the Saturday Scavenger Hunt, crazy4coens over at Raising Sunny, has chosen the word this week and she chose SCRAP.  The first thing I think of is my first car and how it probably SCRAP metal by now.

This is my 1990 Chevy Cavalier.  I got it in 1992 and drove it until December 1999 when I traded it in with 105,000 miles on it.  Surely it’s a cube by now.

This is my first computer.  It’s dead now and good for nothing but scrap, but I am waiting until I find a good, trusted company that will dispose of it locally.  I don’t want it sent to a third world country to pollute their environment any more.

There you have it, my look at scrap for this week.  Now I am just waiting to see who crazy4coens tags for next week’s word.


7 Responses to “Nothin’ But Scrap Metal”

  1. I love the car and the computer – both 1sts and now both scrap. How like life! Love it! Miz Ananda will chose the work for next Saturday. And i am sure it will be a doozey!

  2. What a good take on the word! Good for you for being environmentally responsible!

  3. laura b. said

    Ah, don’t count out your Cavalier. I had an 88 until I stepped up to a 97 about 3 years ago. They are both still on the road 🙂 And I love that you are not making your scrapped computer someone else’s problem. Great choices for this word!

  4. NoRegrets said

    I really like the car thing!

  5. NoRegrets said

    idea I mean…

  6. Tara said

    Great examples of scrap! You never know, someone might still be driving that Chevy around! My mom donated her Subaru Justy to a place and then about a year later she saw her old car in the parking lot of the convenience store she visited. The guy won her car in an auction.

  7. churlita said

    Nice examples of scrap. You are so environmentally responsible. That’s awesome.

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