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My Musical Memories, #3

Posted by AlienCG on July 12, 2009

This week’s musical memory comes courtesy of my brother, Evil-E.  He introduced me to this album on the way to the Duct Tape Festival in Avon Lake, OH.  It’s not the usual first album or classic album that was very popular on the radio.  It is, however, an excellent album to say the least.

Type-O Negative
Bloody Kisses

I do remember hearing “Christian Woman” off this album many years ago, but I never gave it much thought.  Then I heard it again, thanks to Evil-E, and I heard even more of this album including “Black #1,” “Bloody Kisses” and a remake that completely sold me on the album.  Even though I was never a fan of Seals & Crofts, I always liked the lyrics to their best-known song, “Summer Breeze.”  Type O Negative remade this song for the album.  Bloody Kisses is a very dark, heavy album with some excellent songs on it.  I highly recommend it if you like the Gothic metal sound.  If not, listen to it online, first and see how you like it.

Next week, I will share with you the album I was introduced to on the way home from the Duct Tape Festival.  No, it sounds nothing like this one, but it is a lot of fun.


3 Responses to “My Musical Memories, #3”

  1. This intrigues me! I’ll go check it out. I have a feeling that since our tastes are so similar that I will like it very much. Thanks aliencg!

    Oh… I love the idea of a Duct Tape Festival! I am a duct tape fanatic. What does one do there? Do you have an old post about it?

  2. laura b. said

    I will definitely have to check this one out as I am not too familiar with Type-O Negative.

  3. churlita said

    I like them. I remember when they were really big with a lot of my friends. I haven’t listened to them much lately. I may have to go revisit them.

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