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What’s My Obsession?

Posted by AlienCG on July 18, 2009

No lenghty intro this week, too many pictures.  The word is OBSESSION, the chooser, Ananda Girl. Here they are:



Shooting Pool

The X-Files



My Car

My Car


Video Games



My Garden

My Garden

There ya go.  Plenty of pictures to look at and comment on.  Basically, it’s a retrospective of some of my old photos, there is nothing new in this batch.  Have a good weekend.


9 Responses to “What’s My Obsession?”

  1. i love the x files! i recently got nine seasons on dvd. nothing like a little smoke and an episode before bed.

    it spices up the dreams.

  2. aliencg– Great photos! I see we share even more than our music obsession. But sadly, I am terrible at pool. Boy, your food there made me very hungry. I’m going to have to go make something good now. I’ve tagged laura b for next week.

  3. beautiful pics. i love that nothing was new! that stir fry looked amazing! and i am so jealous of the garden! all i really have is basil and garlic. (thank you evil rodents on hooves)

  4. laura b. said

    I share in a couple of your obsessions…namely aliens and music. I haven’t played much pool, my car is nothing worth obsessing over (always just keeping my fingers crossed that it will keep running), I don’t have a garden (although I keep talking about getting a little potted garden going)…and my cooking is best described as serviceable.
    Maybe I will start Netflixing the X-Files. I used to watch it sporadically.
    Great pictures, Alien, reruns or not. Let’s call them classics! And the word is SUMMER 🙂

  5. NoRegrets said

    I haven’t seen your car before – very nice. I would never own a red car though – I’d get TONS of tickets.

  6. Tara said

    These are all very good obsessions. That food looks good with the beef and veggies.

  7. Seb said

    Shooting pool! That’s one of my favorites as well.

  8. dmarks said

    I picked up someone’s iPod today and looked at it. I was surprised how heavy it was. I expected it to be lighter. I guess this was the first time I’d picked up an actual iPod (as opposed to the fake attached ones I’ve looked at at Staples a few times).

  9. churlita said

    Those are some great obsessions…And so healthy too.

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