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7 Years After

Posted by AlienCG on July 21, 2009

Yesterday, as we all know was the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, but it was also another anniversary of man’s need to explore.  I didn’t want to overshadow the big anniversary yesterday, so I decided to wait until today.  Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of Viking 1 landing on the surface of Mars (July 20, 1976).  This is the first time the United States landed a probe on the red planet.  The USSR did land two probes that landed, but lost contact almost immediately after landing.  The Viking 1 mission lasted three days short of 5-years from launch to mission end.  This marks our first time as a presence on the surface of another planet.  I have no doubt that we will go back to the moon in a few short years, but I do hope that I am alive to see man land and walk on the surface of Mars.  Have a good day.


4 Responses to “7 Years After”

  1. dmarks said

    Someday Val Kilmer might land on Mars, but he will be menaced by an out of control robot dog.

  2. I find the missons to mars so fascinating. I never get tired of looking at the photos and marveling over what it looks like. When I was little, it was beyond imagination to think that we would ever see such a thing. Good call. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. churlita said

    The photos of Mars are amazing.

  4. laura b. said

    Definitely a mission worth remembering.

    Now we have those rovers that have been on Mars for over 5 years! Handsome Lad and I followed that all very closely at first and then sort of let it slide…but it is still going on! Amazing.

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