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Alien’s Comic

I brought the comics in from the old site, so you can all not laugh at them.  For best results and to make sense of the storyline that appears in here somewhere, start at the bottom and work your way up.  New comics will appear here every-so-often.

08/21/08 Lost and Fonts

08/08/08 A Change of Rules

07/01/08 Nature's Revenge

12/03/06 Apologies and Introductions

04/13/06 A Total 360

11/04/05 Pet Project

09/19/05 Comic #31

07/24/05 Debacle of Dating Description

06/12/05 Technological Advancement

05/16/05 Coming Soon

05/13/05 Wedding Plans

05/08/05 The Things I Go Through

03/25/05 Know News is...

03/13/05 The Stressed Look

03/03/05 Rock 'em Sock 'em

02/27/05 Stressful Encounter

02/20/05 Optimistic Pessimism

02/07/05 Wow, a Story Line

02/03/05 Attitude Adjustment

02/01/05 Cloning Around

11/26/04 The Dogs of War (or Something)

11/20/04 Holiday Cheese

10/05/04 Psychology and Psychosis

10/01/04 Abduction Commotion

09/29/04 Injured Aliens

09/17/04 Politically Speaking

09/12/04 Company Policy

05/04/04 A Little Job-Hunting Humor

04/27/04 Another Last-Minute Project

04/23/04 The Design of Business

04/20/04 Stress Fracture and Golden Boy, Redux

04/16/04 Meanwhile...elsewhere in the Galaxy

04/13/04 Kiss my Botox

04/09/04 Hoax Us Pocus

04/06/04 Musical Scares

03/31/04 Working Relationship

03/29/04 Stress Fracture and Golden Boy


One Response to “Alien’s Comic”

  1. What a hoot! I love, love, love these aliencg! I will revisit often. 🙂

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